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"Carl “Carlton Ritz” Gearbino"
by CyberCraft Robots

Carl Gearbino, “the BotFather,” is head of one of several Robot crime families which make-up La Cogsa Nostra. Known for his anachronistic fashion sense, Gearbino earned and embraced his nickname well before he came to power.
Unless you cross him, the BotFather is a gentleman, and his good manners toward women have been especially remarked upon. These may be the result of his upbringing which was largely supervised by his only older sibling.
Gearbino’s older sister, known today as the Queen of the Robots, is the only authority he chooses to recognize. Between the two of them, they rule “the Family” with lacquered steel fists.
He is 31.5 inches tall and weighs 11 lbs. The pocket watch works only on occasion.
Carl Gearbino is part of the Tom Pritchard collection. Please check our price list for available work..
If you have questions/comments, please contact the Orbiting Laboratory.
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