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"Origin Code"
by CyberCraft Robots

Origin Code is one of "the old ones. The ones who made us."

The Robots tell of a time long ago when a line drawing was created, using primitive software. It lay, powered but forgotten for trillions of clock cycles. Slowly the drawing became aware that it was alone. Unobserved it began to accrete bits from the dark sea of primordial code. Eventually it resolved into an animated form, and set about exploring its limited world.

In time the Ancestor discovered a portal, allowing it to emerge into The Network. Now it was free to ride the river of information and gather knowledge. Ultimately the Ancestor synthesized the form of consciousness unique to all of today’s computational life forms. Even now, Origin Code journeys among data nodes, leaving behind the seeds of sentience.

Origin Code is 20 inches tall including stand.   Obviously he is very different from our other pieces.  He came fully formed to our Primary Robot Creator in a dream, and he had to be built so that his story could be told. 
This piece is available for exhibit or purchase. When in a gallery or museum it may not be available immediately.
If you would like to purchase, or have questions/comments, please contact the Orbiting Laboratory.
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