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"Raygun: The FSIII"
by CyberCraft Robots
This Raygun was unearthed by the Robots during an archeological dig on Planet Mongo. At this time we cannot prove that it was used during a skirmish between Flash Gordon and Emperor Ming’s minions (they seem to have used swords on most occasions). However, early analysis indicates that it does date from that time period. Additional testing is underway.
The working trigger does cause some sort of red light to flash inside the gun. This can be observed through the side vents. However, years of exposure on the harsh surface of Mongo, followed by unknown time entombed under the planet’s surface have rendered the gun harmless. It no longer fires a laser ray, and it’s formerly fearsome voice has been silenced.
As we are unable to discover the weapon’s original moniker, the Robots have chosen to name it in honor of a friend of the Orbiting Laboratory – an artist and gentleman who has been of service to our cause on multiple occasions. The Robots have constructed a stand for the Raygun, that it might be exhibited with the flair it deserves.
This Raygun is 13” long from gun site to barrel tip. While displayed on its stand it measures 13” high.
This piece is sold. Please check our price list for available work.
If you have questions/comments, please contact the Orbiting Laboratory.
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