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"Valerie (Val) Kyrie"
by CyberCraft Robots

Valerie Kyrie, of the iceplanet Sessrumnier, has traded her shield for a heavy wrench and her spear for a raygun.

She is part of the CyberCraft Robots Saucer Squadron: CyberCraft Robots come from many worlds and have long been a force for peace in this and other galaxies. Our all-volunteer Saucer Squadron is a loosely organized group of selfless Robots who come together in their spare time. They search for homeless Robots and lost Robots Parts to bring back to the Orbiting Laboratory – where we provide repairs, a job, and a new family.

Valerie is composed of various metals and tempered glass. She is 12 inches tall and weighs 3 lbs.
This piece is available for exhibit or purchase. When in a gallery or museum it may not be available immediately.
If you would like to purchase, or have questions/comments, please contact the Orbiting Laboratory.
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